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ماشاء الله الاكاديمية جداً ممتازة والمعلمات يتمتعن بالصبر والاتقان والامانة ف التدريس…

.واخص بالشكر المعلمة الفاضلة هند فبارك الله فيكم ع مجهوداتكم المبذولة .



Feedback (9)

My daughter loves her teacher so much and learns while enjoying.
She has progressed so much with her Arabic and Quran.
I would highly recommend to everyone.

Esraa Abohatab


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Itqan has really helped my kids with Quran and Arabic, being in an English speaking country makes it difficult for our children to tackle reciting Quran but Itqan teachers and administrators know how to do that. Thanks for your skilful team
جزاكم الله خيراً كثيرا



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I’m appreciate that academy stuff.
They are helpful and powerful with my kids and it is great to me and them .



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Mashallah, my children excelled in both Quran memorisation, tajweed and Islamic studies.
There is a warm relationship between student and teacher.
The teachers are most kind and gentle in their approach. The children enjoy their sessions and so do I.
I find all our lessons are progressing In such a way that allows the students to continually revise previous lessons without hindering new lessons.

Highly recommended!!!!



Feedback (4)

I am impressed with this school. My son showed improvement in his arabic reading skills after few classes. Even his school teacher could see that in his class room.




I like itquan quaran so much. Their teachers have good experience how to teach our children quran well and perfectly. They have patiency in teaching their students. I hope they continue and grown more and more to all the world.



Feedback (2)

I am impressed with this school. My son showed improvement in his Arabic reading skills after a few classes. Even his school teacher could see that in his classroom.



Feedback (1)

I have just started Qoran lessons for my 6 years old boy and he is enjoying the lessons with his teacher who is really kind and knows how to keep him focused and happy through the online lesson which I was expecting it to be tricky for his age. I am also happy with the people who are organising the lesson booking in the centre as they are really organised and fast in answering all my questions.





Our teachers are trained to teach Quran, Arabic language, Islamic studies, and Hadith, as well as obtaining licenses for memorize the holy Quran and most of the teachers graduated from Al-Azhar University .

 one to one online class.

Teachers trained on how to apply new methods of teaching in the class.

Dealing with different mental abilities.

Support team is sending evaluation sheet about the performance of their students.

You can choose your schdule according to your avilability.

Offering free trial.


Hala Reda

Hala is one of our experienced teachers with extensive abilities and knowledge. Her qualifications including the knowledge of Islamic studies . She is helping her students to achieve their aim. She is fluent in English and Arabic is her mother language.

Al shimaa Osama

She is passionate about teaching students in new methods of teaching. Students will be able to learn and develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in a professional way.She has experience in this career more than four years.She graduated from the faculty of education, Arabic language department

Ahmed Mohamed

He memorized holy Quran. Arabic is his native language.He has more than 15 years experience in teaching Quran to children and adults. He believes that teaching Qur'an recitation is a way of spreading the love of Arabic language and Islamic teachings.

Yousef Mohamed

He graduated from Alazhar university, He memorized holy Quran and knows how to teach Arabic,hadith and Islamic studies. He has more than 3 years experince on that career.He volunteered in many charities teaching Qur'an and tajweed. He got many certificates from the ministry of Al awqaf for Qur'an memorization and recitation.


PLAN (1)


  • 4 classes per month
  • 1 classes per week
  • 30 mins class

PLAN (2)


  • 8 classes per month
  • 2 classes per week
  • 30 mins class

PLAN (3)


  • 16 classes per month
  • 4 classes per week
  • 30 mins class

PLAN (4)


  • +16 classes per month
  • +4 classes per week
  • 30 mins class

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